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Oh, the vanity! To have a home page on a URL consisting of one's surname and initials... I have always frowned upon such non-standard use of the domain system. Yet, when the opportunity presented itself I grabbed it. So, here we have:

Martin Olivier My intention is to (over time) move some of the my more personal information on my professional website to this site. In the meantime please consult my existing site for:

Perhaps the following will be more relevant to the current site:


Monserrat flagGiven that I am 'abusing' the ccTLD .ms (and, I guess, few people know much about the country to which it belongs) it is fitting to provide some information about Monserrat. From its official government website, we learn that "Montserrat is a lush green mountainous island in the northeastern Caribbean", as well as that "It is one of the last remaining British Overseas Territories in the region and a member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Presently the population of approximately 4500 persons, which comprises of persons of many nationalities, occupies about 15 sq miles of the 39.6 sq miles island."

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